About Savior

How it All Began

What started out as just a desire for people to have a company they could depend on, Savior Equipment has quickly turned into a reality for its founder, Chris. As a gun enthusiast, Chris tried many gun cases on the market; plenty of them great but some, honestly were only average at best.

The problem he encountered was that the great cases on the market were marked-up at extravagant prices, yet the materials they used did not seem to properly reflect those prices. The average cases were not cheap either, yet they were poorly built and ripped often after only a few uses. Over a period of time, he noticed that a majority of cases were offered at the prices of the "higher quality" cases, yet they still used similar quality of fabrics and components.

Another problem Chris encountered was the lack of service and post-support from those companies, When looking for a solution, any attempt made to resolve those problems would only result in the typical runaround, which we unfortunately have to experience daily. Despite all of those issues, people were still throwing their hard-earned cash on those products. Chris believes that he, along with all hard-working Americans deserve a better quality product backed by the best service without sacrificing their valuable time and energy. He also believes that a company should always stand behind their products and that their service should reflect this as the core principle.

With that, Savior Equipment was formed.

The Pursuit of Innovation Starts Here

We operate under the belief that our level of success can only be measured in our dedication in providing the best firearm transportation solutions for you. We at Savior Equipment are constantly listening to your feedback and using it not only to update our current designs, but also to fuel our future designs.

We strive to provide you with exceptional quality gear at an acceptable price point that won’t break the bank. Our materials are sourced from various plants with competitive pricing so we can pass the savings onto you.

Savior Equipment stands behind our gear and understand they will be working for you. In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied, we offer a Savior Lifetime Warranty for all our products. We also proudly provide outstanding in-house customer support to assist you if any problems were to arise.

Ultimately, we are motivated by all feedback, good or bad and are dedicated to innovate and design products that will fit your needs.